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Why Invest in Japan?

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

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why-invest-in-japan.jpgJapan is the third largest economy in the world, the fourth largest partner of the U.S. and a main destination for the U.S. foreign direct investment (FDI). In this article, our company formation advisors in Japan bring to your attention a few reasons why business people choose to invest in Japan.

1. The political stability of Japan

Dissimilar to other states, Japan presents a stable political environment and has certain important policies which are meant to boost the economy.
The government of Japan intends to develop a structure where all businesses and employees can benefit from the global economy and enable an entirely fledged globalization so that it attracts major foreign manpower and technologies.
Starting with 2013, the government of the country set the objective of doubling inward FDI stocks to JPY 35 trillion in 2020. This objective was reconfirmed in 2016. Our company registration consultants in Japan can offer further details on this matter.

2. Asian gateway

Japan has a favorable geographic position, being located strategically in an “in-between” territory which belongs to the westernized world, as well as the Far East.
In the last few decades, the developing economic power of other Asian countries which are located close to Japan have transformed the country into a major player in the area, representing a gateway to Asia for numerous foreign investors. Our company formation representatives in Japan are able to provide you with more information related to this subject. 

3. Japan is a great country to live in

Another reason why you should invest in Japan is that it is a great country to live in, with high standards of life and high wages. The country has adopted many positive Western culture customs while avoiding the negative aspects.
Our Japan company formation professionals also note that foreign workers and business owners can take advantage of a luxurious, enjoyable lifestyle with all the appurtenances, while living in a safe, crime-free and clean urban environment, as well as in an efficient social system.
In Japan, even the large cities are very safe, during the day and night, and report some of the lowest crime rates in the entire world.

4. Friendly tax environment

Japan presents a quite friendly tax environment for small and medium size businesses, which are taxed at only 15% if their income is lower than JPY 8,000,000 and their total equity is smaller than JPY 100 million.
For more reasons to invest in Japan, or if you would like to open a company in Japan, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly staff.

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