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Shelf Companies in Japan

Updated on Monday 15th June 2020

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shelf-companies-in-japan.jpgA shelf company in Japan, also known as a ready-made or a tailor-made company, is a company which was registered in the past and which can be utilized immediately for doing business. The reason numerous foreign investors choose to acquire such an entity is mainly that the time to set it up is much shorter than if they were to open a new one. Our company formation advisors in Japan can assist you in buying a shelf company in this country, if needed.
This type of companies is generally set up in order to be sold. If you wish to acquire such a company, our consultants can help you in this matter.

Shelf company incorporation procedure in Japan

Generally, when setting up a shelf company in Japan, it is a stock company. In order to open a stock company in this country, the following steps need to be taken:
Drafting the incorporation articles;
Notarizing the incorporation articles with a public notary. The notarization fee is JPY 50,000 (around EUR 404);
Effectuating the capital contributions by the company incorporators and other subscribers;
Appointing the company directors and auditors, if there are any, upon incorporation;
Inspection effectuated by the company directors and auditors, if any, on the legality of the stock company formation and if the above-mentioned contributions have been achieved. Our company formation executives in Japan are able to provide further information on this subject, if necessary;
Registering the stock company incorporation with the Commercial Registry held by the Ministry of Justice, at the head office location. The registration application can be submitted electronically. The registration fee is 0.7% of the pre-paid capital amount, with a minimum of JPY 150,000 (EUR 1,212);
The registration procedure is effectuated in maximum two weeks from the date when the application was filed, however, the company incorporation date is the application date.

In case you need assistance for opening another type of company, such as a LLC, do not hesitate to contact our incorporation experts.

Benefits of a shelf company in Japan

A shelf company in Japan offers numerous advantages, such as:
It saves time involving effectuating the procedure of creating a new company;
It presents corporate history which creates credibility for investors and clients;
It offers the opportunity to be able to bid for contracts. Our Japan company formation representatives can offer more details on this matter;
It enables an easier access to corporate credit.
When purchasing a shelf company investors will need to consider the tax requirements, for example the applicable Japan consumption tax according to the types of services they provide.
If you would like to establish a shelf company in Japan, or need any company incorporation advice in this country, we kindly invite you to get in touch with our company registration professionals in Japan.

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