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Set up a Branch in Japan

Updated on Monday 15th June 2020

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set-up-a-branch-in-japan.JPGA branch office in Japan represents a supplementary location from which the employees of a foreign company undertake their activities. Even though these employees are located in a separate jurisdiction, the Japan branch office in not an independent business entity from its foreign parent company. Our company formation advisors in Japan can guide you through the entire process of setting up such an office in this country.

Procedure of setting up a branch in Japan

Even though a branch office in Japan does not have a legal independent status, it can have a bank account under its name. In order to set up such an office here, the procedure listed below is necessary:
Foreigner and personal seal registration: our company registration professionals in Japan advise you to have the person who is the representative of the branch to effectuate the personal and foreigner seal registration at the beginning;
Decide on the branch registration details: the registration is decided depending on the Articles of Incorporation and the Certificate of Registered Matters of the parent company. Minimum one of the directors must have a local address in Japan;
Initiate and certify a sworn affidavit: a Sworn Affidavit is initiated and certified in conformity with the parent company details, based on its Certificate of Registered Matters;
Make the seal of the branch representative: in case the representative is not Japanese, this is not required, however, having one can be advantageous;
Apply for the branch office registration with the Legal Affair Bureau: the company representative’s  personal seal in Japan is recorded with the Bureau;
Issuance of the Certificate of Seal Registration and Certificate of Registered Matters: the registration may take maximum one week. Then, the branch office in Japan is issued with the Certificate of Seal Registration and Certificate of Registered Matters;
Other steps: our Japan company formation representatives can offer more information on what these other steps consist of. They can also help you open any type of company in this country, from LLCs in Japan to partnerships.

Who can be a representative of the branch office in Japan?

In order to be a representative of a branch office in Japan, any individual, regardless of his or her nationality, can act as a representative of a branch office in Japan.
It is important, though, to know that, if you want to open a branch company in Japan, at least one of the company’s representatives has to be a Japanese resident, under a valid long term visa.
The branch is subject to taxation in Japan, including the consumption tax, according to the types of goods or services it provides.
If you need to know more about setting up a branch office in Japan, we invite you to get in touch with our Japan company formation experts.

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