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Opening a Transportation Company in Japan

Updated on Wednesday 04th October 2017

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opening-a-transportation-company-in-japan.jpgAs the third largest economy in the world, Japan has a highly developed transportation network comprised of a complex infrastructure, airways, an extremely industrialized automotive industry and a world-leading railway. Our company formation consultants in Japan can assist you to open a transportation company in this country.
The airline industry and airports in Japan are projected to be privatized to grow their efficiency, while the infrastructure will witness major urban developments which are being developed before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As about the trains, the local government has high ambitions to export trains and railway technology.

The Motor Vehicle Law in Japan

In Japan, area trucking firms tend to be smaller compared to route truckers. Area trucks account for in excess of 80% of the operating income of the commercial trucks. Our Japan company formation advisors can provide further details on this subject.
The parcel delivery services are effectuated by route trucking companies. The fast increase of parcel delivery services caused the enactment of the Motor Vehicle Law, which came into effect in 1991.
This new law abolished licensing of the commercial truck companies and placed instead of a permit system. According to this new system, the companies which were holding route trucking licenses in the past no longer had to adopt fixed time schedules or to effectuate pick-ups and deliveries at pre-established locations. Our company registration specialists in Japan can help you in acquiring such transportation permits in Japan.
Under the new law, parcels could be picked up and delivered at the clients’ own locations, instead of at the dropsites declared in the MOT (Ministry of Transport) licenses.
The newly enacted permits specify geographic areas of operation, however, the businesses which specialize in parcel delivery have actually nation-wide permit coverage.

The main means of transport in Japan

In Japan, there are 128 ports, including 23 main ports, which are located along the coastline of the country. The ports are the centers for 99% of the foreign trade in Japan and for 42% of the local distribution of goods. Our company formation advisors in Japan can assist you if you want to open a transportation company in Japan.
The three major bays hold around 35% of all the port cargo in Japan and are:
Tokyo Bay (it has six harbors, as well as Yokohama and Tokyo);
Osaka Bay (it has five harbors, among which Kobe and Osaka);
Ise Bay (it has five harbors, among which Nagoya).
If you would like to know more about the transportation industry in Japan, or for assistance in setting up a company in Japan, please contact our friendly staff.


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