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Open a Recruitment Company in Japan

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

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open-a-recruitment-company-in-japan.jpgIn Japan, recruitment can be a great business opportunity. That is because the biggest problem met by foreign companies here is finding the right employees. Commonly, the country has a few talented professionals who possess the English knowledge. 
This is mainly due to a low birth rate and certain cultural characteristics. Our company formation consultants in Japan can provide assistance to foreign entrepreneurs who are looking to open a Japanese recruitment company.

License needed to set up a recruitment company in Japan

In order to open a recruitment company in Japan, a license has to be obtained. This license can be issued to a business or to a private person.
There are two types of licenses for a recruitment company in Japan:
The employment placement service license (for job searching and headhunting): this license can be:
       o Free charging employment placement license; or
       o Free employment placement license.
Worker dispatching service license (for temporary staffing): our Japan company formation advisors can provide more details on this type of license.

Requirements to start a free charging employment placement company in Japan

The requirements for starting a free charging employment placement company in Japan are:
A certain amount of net assets: it is set at JPY 5 million multiplied with the number of offices of the company, or above;
A certain amount of cash deposits: the applicant must have at least JPY 1.5 million plus (JPY 600,000 multiplied with the number of offices minus one) in cash or bank deposits;
The company must have a placement manager appointed;
The company should have an office space: our company registration representatives in Japan can provide more information on this requirement;
Other requirements, depending on each business: we can offer more details on what these other requirements for opening a recruitment company in Japan can consist of.
If you would like to set up a human resource company in Japan, or for assistance in starting any type of a company in Japan, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly company registration team members in Japan.


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