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Open a Merchant Account in Japan

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

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open-a-merchant-account-in-japan.jpgA merchant account in Japan enables a small business to accept credit cards, increasing its business opportunities in this way through having access to more clients. 
No matter if the business operates from a physical location or online, the owner of the business can profit from many benefits of having a merchant account
In this article, our company formation advisors in Japan explain a few key points related to opening a Japanese merchant account.

How to set up a company bank account in Japan

The documents required to open a merchant account in Japan are pretty much the same as the ones needed to set up a company bank account in this country. 
Opening a company bank account in Japan has become more complex in the last few years because most of the countries and their local banks have begun monitoring the transactions related to illegitimate businesses and in order to prevent money laundering.
The documents needed to open a company bank account in Japan are as follows:
An application form from the bank;
A branch or domestic company Registration Certificate;
The domestic company’s Articles of Incorporation;
The seal of the physical registered branch or company and its registration certificate;
Identification proof of the individual who is applying for the company bank account.
Other optional documents might include:
A company profile or a company brochure of the parent company;
A copy of the last statement of accounts of the company;
A lease agreement or an agreement in connection with the main office (the office which is registered in Japan);
Other documents: our company registration consultants in Japan can offer further details on what these other documents consist of. We also offer assistance in setting up a company in Japan.

How to acquire a merchant account for your business in Japan

A merchant account in Japan can be acquired by following these steps:
Establish how credit card payments function with your business;
Compare different merchant account providers;
Set up the merchant account.
Our Japan company formation agents can provide assistance related to any of these steps involved in opening a merchant account in Japan.
If you would like to know more about merchant accounts in Japan, or for assistance to open a company in Japan, please speak to our friendly staff. 

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