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Open a Joint Stock Company in Japan

Updated on Monday 15th June 2020

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open-a-joint-stock-company-in-japan.jpgA joint stock company in Japan, often referred to as a stock company or, in Japanese, a Kabushiki Kaisha, is a type of company defined by the Companies Act of this country
In case you want to start and develop a business in this country, opening a joint stock company in Japan will help you get into business quickly. Our company formation advisors in Japan can assist you in opening such a business entity.

How to open a joint stock company in Japan

A joint stock company in Japan can be opened with a capital of only JPY 1. The total incorporation cost is around JPY 240,000 (around USD 2,500) because of notarization fees and taxes.
The most important stages in opening such an entity in this country are:
Preparing and notarizing the articles of association;
Receiving the capital, directly or through an offering.
The incorporation of a joint stock company in Japan is effectuated by one or several incorporators, which can be a private person or a corporation. Our company registration consultants in Japan can offer more details on this subject.
In case there are more incorporators, they have to sign a partnership agreement prior to incorporating the business entity.

Funding the corporate capital for a joint stock company in Japan

The articles of association should offer a fixed corporate capital received by the business at its incorporation.
During the registration procedure, there will have to be submitted a proof that the corporate capital has been acquitted, together with a bank document presenting the proof of funding. Our Japan company formation specialists can provide further details on this aspect.
The transfer can be effectuated from one of the founder’s personal bank accounts to another one of his or her bank accounts, since the entity does not have yet its own one.
Apparently, numerous Japanese individuals may get confused by this step, therefore it might be a good idea to contact the legal affairs bureau to ensure that the planned documents are in order from their point of view.
When they open a joint stock company in Japan investors will also need to observe the regulations for taxation, the Japanese consumption tax (VAT) and other regulations concerning annual reporting or employment. 
For more details about a joint stock company in Japan, or if you are interested in setting up a company of any type in Japan, we kindly invite you to contact our Japan company formation advisors.

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