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Open a Jewelry Business in Japan

Updated on Saturday 27th August 2022

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open-a-jewerlry-business-in-japan.jpgJapan is an important player in the global jewelry market, being actually the third largest market in the world in this sector, after the USA and China. In this country, the jewelry is being traded at all department stores, shopping centers and jewelry shops. Jewelry in Japan is sold in a wide variety of designs, quality and materials, being well accepted by a mature and diverse consumer plateau. In this article, our experts in company formation in Japan explain different aspects related to opening a jewelry business in Japan.
Our team can also give you details about immigration to Japan.

How to register a jewelry company in Japan

The most common form of legal entity chosen in Japan by small and mid-sized businesses is the limited liability company. Our Japan company formation consultants can help you to open such a company in Japan.
To incorporate such an entity here, a company seal has to be obtained first. Then, the business has to register the Articles of Association with the Legal Affairs Bureau, together with a standard application.
Afterwards, a list of the member who made contributions to the company has to be provided.
When these documents are accepted, the certificate of seal registration has to be sent to the Legal Affairs Bureau to register the new legal entity.
Our immigration lawyers in Japan can give you details about the residency requirements for investors.

The pawnbroker license in Japan

After incorporating the company in Japan, the jewelry business has to obtain all the appropriate licenses to begin its activities.
Among the licenses which have to be issued for a Japan jewelry company are the pawnbroker and the import or export license.
A pawnbroker is a person or a company which provides secured loans to individuals, with products of personal property utilized as collateral.
In the past, Japan had experimented briefly with government-owned pawnshops is an attempt to offer lower cost credit for the poor individuals.
At the present, a license is required in order to operate a private pawnshop in Japan.
Our company registration agents in Japan can provide more information on this license and our immigration lawyers in Japan can answer questions about temporary and long-term stays.
If you require further details about the jewelry business in Japan, or for help in setting up a company in Japan, please speak to our friendly representatives.
You can also talk to us about matters concerning immigration to Japan.

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