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Open a HORECA Company in Japan

Updated on Wednesday 05th December 2018

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Open-a-HORECA-company-in-Japan.jpgJapan has one of the most fascinating cultures in the world and many tourists come to visit the country trying to find out more about it. This is why perhaps the best industry in Japan to start a business in is tourism. Foreign investors are welcome to open HORECA companies in Japan if they want to cover as much as possible of the tourism industry.

If you want to open a HORECA business in Japan, we recommend you register it as a limited liability company through which you can offer hotel, restaurant and café services – short for the HORECA sector.

Below, our company formation agents in Japan explain how to set up a HORECA company in this country.

Japan company formation process of a HORECA business

In order to open a HORECA company in Japan, a foreign investor must:

  • -          have the company’s incorporation documents prepared and filed with the Japan Trade Register;
  • -          register the company with the tax and employment authorities in Japan;
  • -          apply for the necessary licenses and permits with the authorities, depending on the activities to be completed;
  • -          comply with other legal requirements imposed by additional legislation in the tourism field.

Our company registration consultants in Japan can assist foreign investors with the incorporation of the company to offer HORECA services.

Licenses for a HORECA company in Japan

Starting a HORECA company implies obtaining various licenses and permits, as well as complying with specific employment regulations.

Among the licenses to be obtained when starting a Japanese HORECA company, one must consider:

  • -          the restaurant license which is necessary for serving food and beverages on the premises;
  • -          if operating as a hotel, the company must undergo classification under the local regulations;
  • -          the employees must have specific qualifications in the accommodation industry;
  • -          a food hygiene license must be obtained from the Ministry of Health in Japan;
  • -          an entertainment license is required if the company plays music in the restaurant or hotel lobby.

Most of the permits and licenses employed by HORECA companies in Japan are related to the equipment and facilities on the premises.

Please contact our company formation specialists in Japan if you need help in establishing a HORECA company in this country.


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