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Open a Company in the Healthcare Sector in Japan

Updated on Wednesday 25th January 2023

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open-a-company-in-the-healthcare-sector-in-japan.jpgThe healthcare sector in Japan has developed most rapidly compared to all the other sectors in the last three years. The healthcare workforce is projected to increase with 32% in the next ten years. The regulations in this industry are well established, transparent and improving. In this article, our company formation consultants in Japan touch on a few key points related to opening a healthcare company in Japan.

Types of healthcare companies in Japan

Here are a few business ideas for a healthcare company in Japan:
Begin a retail pharmacy firm: the retail pharmacy firm can be an extremely thriving business in the healthcare industry in this country;
Open a hospital or a medical center: hospitals have a key role in the healthcare industry, since almost everything in this sector is connected to one;
Manufacture medical pills: if you are a pharmacist who wants to open a healthcare company in Japan, the manufacturing of medical pills can be extremely profitable, mainly if you can raise the necessary start-up capital, since it is a capital intensive business. 
Our Japan company formation agents can offer further information related to other business ideas in this sector in the country.
Foreign investors or managers who wish to relocate to Japan to run or manage a healthcare company will most often apply for the business manager visa. The conditions for this visa concern the company (certain categories of legal entities are eligible), as well as the individual who applies (in terms of qualifications, formal appointment as manager by the board, and others). Our team can give you more details about residency in Japan.

Healthcare system in Japan

The healthcare demand in Japan is rising. The obesity rates and the diabetes are increasing, due to the fact that locals have started consuming more Western food.
This is also caused by an aging population, since 21% of the locals are 65 years old or older. This figure is predicted to increase to 40% by 2050.
In order to open a healthcare company in Japan under the form of an LLC (limited liability company), the following steps are required:
Make a company seal;
The representative manager has to register a personal seal and receive the seal registration certificate;
Register the Articles of Association with the Japan Legal Affairs Bureau, together with a standard application;
Deliver the certificate of seal registration to the Legal Affairs Bureau to register the new legal entity;
Submit the necessary documentation to the District Tax Office.
If you wish to open a company in the healthcare industry, you can refer to our company registration advisors in Japan.
In case you would like to know more about the healthcare sector in Japan, or if you wish to open a company here, our company formation representatives in Japan can help. Please contact us.

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