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How to Relocate a Business to Japan

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

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how-to-relocate-a-business-to-japan.jpgEntrepreneurs interested in relocating a business in Japan should know that there is no direct way of doing this, event though they have other possibilities. More precisely, they have the option of opening a new business here in the form of a branch or a subsidiary, or of finding a Japanese partner business in order to establish a joint venture or appoint the local partner company as their agent. Our company formation consultants in Japan can assist you in opening either of these types of legal entities in this country.

Incorporation procedure of a stock company in Japan

In order to relocate a company in Japan, the company must be first closed in its country of origin. Then, the incorporation procedure in Japan has to be effectuated as if it was a new company
The incorporation procedure in Japan for a stock company, which is the most commonly used type of business vehicle used by foreign investors in this country, consists of:
Generating the articles of incorporation;
Notarising the incorporation articles through a public notary;
Effectuating the capital contributions by the other subscribers;
Appointing the directors;
Examining the legality of the company formation and if the contributions made by the incorporators and other subscribers have been effectuated; this procedure must be completed by the directors;
Registering the stock company incorporation with the Commercial Registry with the Ministry of Justice, at the head office location. Our Japan company formation specialists can provide further details on this matter.
The new company will have to look for a new head office in Japan, move its operations here, meaning that it will need deposits or other locations to undertake its activities. 
It can also move part of its employees in the country or, alternatively, it must hire others in Japan. Our company registration advisors in Japan can help you on this aspect, as well. 

Opening a branch office or a subsidiary in Japan

Another method used by foreign entrepreneurs who want to relocate their businesses in Japan is to open a branch office or a subsidiary here, however, this way, they can still keep the parent-company opened in their countries of origin. Our Japan company formation representatives can offer more details on this subject. 
Opening a branch office in Japan is less expensive, involving simpler procedures and requirements. This is usually quicker than registering a subsidiary, which may be the best option when the entrepreneur wants to start the business activities as soon as possible.
If you need to know more about how to relocate a business in Japan, or if you want to open a company in Japan, please speak to our friendly representatives.


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