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How to Register a Trademark in Japan

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

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how-to-register-a-trademark-in-japan.jpgA trademark represents a unique sign, expression or design which serves for the identification of the services or products of a certain source from those of others. Our company formation consultants in Japan can assist you with the entire procedure of registering a trademark in this country, as well as setting up a company in Japan.

Legal framework for trademarks in Japan

The legal framework for trademarks in Japan is set by the Trademark Act of 1959. This country has adopted a first-to-file basis for the trademark protection. 
A trademark registration in Japan is valid for 10 years from the date it was registered and may be renewed for another 10 years prior to the date of expiration.

Application procedure for a trademark in Japan

In order to register a trademark in Japan, the following procedure has to be respected:
Our company registration advisors in Japan acknowledge the data received from you, such as the specimen of the mark, its services or goods and the registration details and others. We also offer the most recent quotation and we classify the services or goods;
The client has to complete a trademark search or a registration order form and send it back to us;
After we receive the payment receipt for the pre-filling search, we will effectuate, if requested, a pre-filling search. The official search report is sent to you in maximum 15 working days;
In case the search results show that the application is to be expected for being accepted and you decide to go further, we will need a photocopy of an identity document, like a passport or a business registration license. Also, you will have to pay for filling the application;
We file the application for the trademark to the Japan Patent Office (JPO) after we receive your payment and instruction;
The JPO publishes the content of the filing in the Official Gazette and it verifies if it meets the substantive and formal conditions. In case these are not respected, the Examiner objects to the mark;
If the trademark was approved for registration, the certificate of the registration is issued by the JPO;
Our Japan company formation specialists review and send you the certificate. 
If you need to know more about the trademark in Japan, we invite you to get in touch with our company registration representatives in Japan.


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