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Establish a Limited Partnership in Japan

Updated on Wednesday 25th January 2023

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establish-a-limited-partnership-in-japan.JPGA limited liability partnership (Godo Kaisha) in Japan represents a type of partnership similar to a general one, however, it has minimum one general partner and minimum one limited partner. Our company formation advisors in Japan can assist you in opening such a business entity in this country.

Incorporation procedure of a limited liability partnership in Japan

In order to incorporate a limited liability partnership in Japan, the following procedure is required:
Preparing the articles of incorporation;
In case the member is a foreign business entity, the articles of incorporation have to be signed by the representatives of the foreign entity. It is also required to prepare the certification of the representative’s qualification;
Paying the capital subscription by the members;
Determining the executive members and the representative ones;
Applying for the limited liability company application with the Legal Affairs Bureau;
Acquiring the Certified Copy of the Commercial Register and others: our Japan company formation consultants can provide further details on what these other acquisitions consist of;
Reporting on the setting up of the limited liability company in Japan to the appropriate ministers through the Bank of Japan;
Setting up a corporate account with a commercial bank;
Reporting on the corporation establishment to the tax authorities and the appropriate local government.

Activities and taxation for limited liability partnerships in Japan

The local legislation states that limited liability partnership members should participate in the activities of the business and it the crucial decision-making activities. Our Japan company formation specialists can offer more information on this subject. 
In case this Common Enterprise Condition is not respected, the partnership is treated as a regular civil law partnership in regards to the limitation on liability and other aspects, including taxation.
As about taxation, a limited liability partnership in Japan is treated just like any other Japanese company or civil law partnership when it comes to the individual income and the corporate tax.
The partners who decide to unite their expertise and resources to form a partnership will also need to comply with the requirements for legally residing in Japan. Long and short-term Japanese residency is possible, however, the individual will need to comply with certain requirements, among which being able to show that he or she is financially independent. Our team can give you more details.
If you would like to know more about the limited partnership in Japan, or for assistance in starting a company in Japan, please contact us.

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