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Brief Overview of the Economy in Japan

Written by: Editor

Over the last seven decades, the economy in Japan was able to develop as one of the strongest in the world, due to a strong work ethic, government-industry cooperation, high technology mastery and a relatively small defense allocation of only 1% of the GDP.
In this article, our company formation consultants in Japan make a brief overview of the Japanese economy.

The economic situation in Japan at the present

Japan has been able to become a major player in global value chains, mainly in Asia. The advantages of the international trade are drawn mainly from large firms, since there are few small and medium-sized enterprise exports.
The Japanese economy registered an important increase in the second quarter of this year, even though the revised information for the first quarter was not as high as predicted, as economists’ research revealed. Our Japan company formation specialist can help you if you would like to open a company in this country. 
In May, the exports in Japan developed at the highest rate compared to the last two years, indicating a strong global demand.
Important shipments of local goods reflect positive gains for the economy, with the increase of industrial production reaching an almost six-year high in April of this year. Our company registration advisors in Japan can offer more details on this subject.

Other facts on the economy of Japan

The Japanese economy is the third largest internationally by nominal GDP (a monetary measure of the market value of all final services and goods produced in a certain amount of time) and the fourth largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). Our Japan company formation professionals can assist you if you want to open a business here.
Japan is also the third largest automobile manufacturing country in the world, having the largest electronic good industry.
The country is many times classified as one of the most innovative countries in the world. With growing competition from countries like South Korea and China, the manufacturing sector of Japan concentrates mainly on precision and high-tech goods at the moment.
If you need to know more about the economy of Japan, or for setting up a company in Japan, we invite you to get in touch with our consultants.


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